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Next Generation Direct Booking & Marketing Engine
Next Generation Direct Booking & Marketing Engine
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We’ll do the heavy lifting for you.
Are you looking for a solution to independently market accommodation online and earn money with it? LODGEA guarantees successful commerce without set-up or development costs.
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It’s in the cloud.

We do the heavy lifting, you do the business. Scaling up to millions of customers? Not a problem at all.
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Let the robot do the job

Enjoy the latest in artificial intelligence with an abundance of automated tasks that do the job for you.
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Marketing? Integrated.

Use the latest in integrated marketing automation to acquire customers through Google, Instagram, Facebook & more.
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We’ve been there before.

Apply best practices from decades of experience.
Do you know standard shop software solutions such as Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce for retail? Is there a comparable, simple and affordable solution to market and sell accommodation? Not yet. With LODGEA we are now delivering the solution. Our product is based on decades of industry experience in setting up, developing and expanding dozens of small, medium and large online travel platforms.
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Marketing technology? Integrated.

Easily connect Google, Facebook, Instagram and many more automatically. Create ads for all your hotels, vacation rentals and other accommodations in just seconds to attract customers instantaneously. No more fiddling around with complicated data feeds and technical headaches. From ad automation to tag management: It’s all integrated.
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Discover the solution for your industry

Made for all types of accommodation

Whether you own your property or not, LODGEA provides the platform to provide accommodation services to your consumers through a variety of connectivity options and business models. You can build your own website as a social media influencer, integrate accommodation services into your existing offerings or connect them with your existing products. LODGEA provides a flexible and open platform for many use cases.

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