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Easily connect property management system, channel manager or distribution management system to synchronize your accommodations, descriptions, amenities, images, rates, availability, prices and bookings.

  • 1-click activation simply establish the connection yourself
  • Real-time rate updates instant availability and rate updates
  • Full booking sync bookings and cancellations synchronized instantly
  • Overview of the connectivity options
  • Booking synchronized with a channel
  • A vOffice connection
  • A Smoobu connection
  • A Hostaway connection
  • An accommodation synchronized with a channel

Connect your property management system or channel manager

LODGEA has a number of integrations ready to activate with the touch of a button. These integrations synchronize contents, availability, calendars, prices, policies and bookings with your existing property management system (PMS) or channel manager. Avoid duplicated bookings and ensure rate integrity with our integrations to major management systems like Smoobu, Hostfully, Hostaway, vOffice and many more.

A Hostaway connection

1-click activation with your property management system

Connect your property management system (PMS) or channel manager with the click of a button. Our integrations directly integrate with your existing systems and synchronize both contents as well as bookings and payments. There are no programming skills required for connecting your systems. Customers of all differerent backgrounds have successfully established the synchronization in just a few minutes with our self-service system. Try it yourself.

See our video tutorial on how to connect
An accommodation synchronized with a channel

Real-time rate updates

Rates are updated instantly with the connected channel, so that there is no possibility of overbooking or booking the wrong rates or prices. All rates, availability, calendar information and rate policies are pulled automatically using the full capability of the connected system. At the same time, the system provides the highest possible performance as connections to the system are only made when really necessary.

Frequently asked questions about connectivity
Booking synchronized with a channel

Full booking synchronization

Bookings are fully synchronized and immediately transmitted to the connected system in real-time. This ensures that your customers have a confirmed booking at all time. Depending on the capabilities of the connected system, your customers can also cancel their booking online. Cancellations in the connected system are also observed. Each change is documented and tracked with the integrated Blockchain technology.

Frequently asked questions about connectivity

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