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The airline and aviation industry has a very long history with the accommodation industry. For decades, airlines have been one of the dominant sources of guests in hotels, holiday apartments and holiday homes in international tourism. Airlines are the go-to partners for any accommodation business as hoteliers and vacation rental providers love to welcome their passengers.

Aircraft wing during sunrise

Advantages of airlines

The dominance of airlines for transportation in our globalized world has made them the preferred service provider for every traveler. Passengers trust reputable airlines maybe more than any other company on their trip. As a trustworthy service provider in the travel sector, airlines were able to successfully expand their business activities to include the accommodation industry decades ago.

Challenges of airlines and aviation companies

The accommodation business is not the core business of airlines or aviation companies. It's rising complexity has let many airlines to move away from it or rely on third parties to provide accommodations to their passengers. This led to deep cuts in the revenue per passenger and the, already tight, margins. Airlines desperately need a standard, open and autonomous accommodation solution that neatly integrates into their aviation environment.

Upsell and cross-sell with our integrations

Our integrations provide APIs and marketing automation for accommodations. You can integrate all of the services into your mobile apps, websites, inflight entertainment or any other system you'd like. Furthermore our marketing integrations allow you to be present in accommodation price comparisons, besides your already existing flight price comparisons. This provides you a unique upselling and cross-selling opportunity into flights as well as combined flight and accommodation offerings.

Individualise, diversify and differentiate

LODGEA allows you to fully customise the frontend and use our APIs to integrate into whatever you want. You can create unique content like text, images and amenities for each accommodation in your very own flavour. LODGEA is flexible to integrate, yet simple to operate. We never interfere with the relationship or commercial agreements between you and your accommodation partners. We provide the technology for you to be successful, the way you do your business remains your business alone.

Airbus A320 in the maintenance hall


Take it into your own hands
LODGEA provides everything airlines need to get their accommodation business up and running. This does not require immense investments in the development of customized accommodation solutions. Offering accommodation services to passengers is now a matter of minutes not weeks or months. Reconfigure your integrated accommodation services.

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