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The automotive industry and our automobiles have become sophisticated travel companions. Navigation, location services, assistance and live news are just some services that our cars include today. Car manufacturers however are neither news companies nor telecommunications companies. They rely on open systems to provide essential functionality in the background with which they can integrate services into their in-vehicle entertainment systems.

Car factory

Advantages of the automotive industry

Car manufacturers already provide integrated services such as navigation to billions of drivers today. Many of the navigation systems already provide very basic information on accommodations like hotels nearby. Car manufacturers can leverage their vehicles worldwide and offer accommodation services in their vehicles.

Challenges of the automotive industry

The accommodation business is anything, but surely not closely related to the business of manufacturing vehicles. However vehicles already notify drivers about POIs such as hotels and restaurants nearby. Car manufacturers are also working on integrating payment solutions. What manufacturers need is an autonomous platform that allows them to provide accommodation services to their drivers. This needs to work both in-vehicle as well as with the digital services they provide alongside their vehicles.

Specialised APIs and IoT-Gateways with MQTT

Vehicles are extremely smart and they don't run on average computers. They heavily rely on location-based services in combination with mobile communication networks like 5G mobile networks. LODGEA provides specialised APIs and IoT integrations with MQTT-Gateways to enterprise automotive customers. Alongside the standard APIs, these specialised non-public telemetry APIs allow automotive customers to securely and reliably integrate accommodation services into their vehicles, apps and digital services. These specialised APIs are distributed and optimised for very low latency to leverage the performance of 5G mobile networks. Upon request and in some regions, certain components of the LODGEA system can also be directly installed inside the 5G mobile networks to lower the latency even further.

Innovative business models for the future

Integrating the booking process for a hotel, vacation rental, a camping site or any other accommodation into an in-vehicle system requires processes tailored to the need of today's drivers and their passengers. The flexibility of LODGEA when it comes to the underlying business models of our customers, allows automotive customers to have the freedom to chose any commercial model they find suitable for their operation. This allows any automotive customers to build up their future revenue streams without having to worry about set commercial models.

Recreational vehicle

Design the future today

Integrate accommodation services
Our hyperconnected world does not allow any breathing space. LODGEA provides the technology to get you started extremely fast by eliminating the hassle of custom-built accommodation and booking solutions. All you need to do is to set up your accommodation business model and integrate the APIs and interfaces into your vehicles.

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