Events & Festivals

Enrich the experience of your visitors

Events and festivals bring in tens of thousands people to their locations, often travelling long distances to have the time of their life. Many of these people need an accommodation for the duration of the event. Providing accommodation services closes the loop and enriches the experience of visitors.

Festival visitors

Advantages of events and festivals

Event managers and festival organisers know how to attract a large crowd of people. Many events and festivals are activities people were waiting months or even years for. They are often once in a lifetime experiences. Event and festival visitors have a strong emotional connection with these events. Event managers and festival organisers can enrich the event experience and increase the revenue per visitor.

Challenges for event managers and festival organisers

Organising events or festivals such as musical performances, sport events or comedy shows already takes a huge amount of time to organise. Event managers don't have time to implement complex accommodation solutions. Especially if it is only for a short period and a relatively small amount of accommodations. Still, many event managers already have contracts with accommodations to provide special offerings to their visitors. Larger open air events also provide accommodations like camping grounds theirselves. They need an easy to set up and flexible platform for a wide variety of accommodation services.

Easy to set up and flexible terms

LODGEA is easy to set up with tutorials and intuitive user interfaces. Setting up your website with a booking system takes minutes instead of weeks. This reliefs event managers of painful organisation and complicated technology. Furthermore the flexible monthly terms and self service set up allows event managers to move fast without having to wait for installations or service providers. When the events are over and the site is no longer needed, event managers can simply take down their site and cancel their subscription to move on to the next adventure.

Fully customisable user experience

Accommodation services in combination with events and festivals work differently than tourism or business travel. LODGEA provides the flexibility to customise the experience for your visitors and integrate it in all your marketing activities with our marketing automation. Regardless of whether you are planning a one off event or annual events. LODGEA also never dictates the commercial relation between you and your accommodation partners. You are free to decide terms and conditions with your partners and your customers. We provide the technology, the way you do your business remains your business alone.

Sports event visitors

Cheer up the crowd

We'll provide the technology
Provide accommodation services to your visitors and relief them of the tedious process to find their accommodation during your event. You'll provide a richer event experience and significantly increase your revenue per visitor. Accommodation providers are waiting for you to do business with them.

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