Trade fairs, congresses & exhibitions

Increase the revenue per visitor

Hoteliers and vacation rental providers are keen to do business with the managers and organizers of trade shows, conventions and exhibitions. Especially as their visitors often have significantly higher revenues per night than other travellers. A good accessibility to the exhibition center is a decisive advantage for many accommodations. It therefore comes to no surprise that many congresses and exhibitions take place directly in hotels and resorts.

Trade fair, seminar or exhibition

Advantages of trade fairs und congresses

Providers of fairs and exhibitions can provide a stronger value proposition with their accommodation providers through tailor-made offerings. The direct link between the visitors, the exhibition and the accommodation provider allows more integrated services for visitors of trade fairs, congresses, exhibitions, seminars and other business events. This can increase revenue per visitor and overall satisfaction.

The challenge for trade fairs, exhibitions & seminars

Trade fairs, exhibitions, congresses and seminars often provide tailor-made offerings with their accommodation partners. However, they often still rely on email communication for their "special deals" as there is no standardised software for individually negotiated accommodation deals. In addition, many of the available software products are not developed to be used only temporarily and therefore do not offer a corresponding commercial model.

Easy to set up automated marketing

Marketing accommodation services is not always the core business of trade fairs, exhibitions, seminars and congresses. LODGEA provides an easy to set up platform with integrated marketing that gets you started in minutes rather than weeks or months. The customisation options, alongside the competitive pricing, make LODGEA a highly attractive service for trade fairs, exhibitions, seminars and congresses. Subscriptions are available on a per-month basis allowing you to use LODGEA when needed and cancel or suspend your subscription when your event is over and you're already working on the next one.

Tailor-made accommodation offers

LODGEA offers complete freedom about who you do business with, how you do it and, above all, under what conditions. We don't charge transaction fees and you have no obligation to adopt a specific business model. Further you are free to decide on how you want to market, display and advertise your accommodation services. Specialising your content to specifically target your visitors and customers can provide you a significant competitive advantage. These advantages can be tailor-made images, descriptions and amenities which are specifically relevant to your visitors or are exclusively offered for them.

Business woman with a computer and a tablet

Provide superior service

Enrich the cooperation with your partners
LODGEA’s platform allows to autonomously combine negotiated rates with individual service offerings. You can also include specific offerings of your trade fairs or exhibitions. This includes offerings like entrance tickets, shuttle bus services, meeting rooms and other services or amenities that are relevant to your visitors.

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