Hotel Chains & Cooperatives

Integrated marketing for all your members

The vast variety of property management systems, channel managers and connection options of the hotel chain or cooperative members makes it almost impossible for the centralised marketing departments to deliver the much needed bookings. LODGEA offers connectivity to all existing systems, realizes in this way the consolidation of the hotel inventory and enables integrated and automated marketing with the aggregated offer of the hotel chain or cooperation.

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Advantages of hotel chains

Hotel chains and cooperatives represent the parent company, parent brand or association of each member hotel. They enjoy the same trust the hotels theirselves enjoy. Booking with them is often considered a direct booking with the hotel itself and preferred by many guests. Guests trust hotel chains as they represent a common level of quality and service.

Challenges of hotel chains and cooperatives

Very few hotel chains manage to unify the system landscape of their members, let alone the content quality of their images, amenities or descriptions. The diversified landscape of hotel property management systems, various channel managers and connections makes it extremely hard to aggregate contents in a single platform. Even harder to create unified marketing campaigns with all member hotels. Leveraging the purchasing power of the chain with the advertising channels becomes almost impossible. As a result, the chain and its members are faced with higher marketing cost.

Connect, aggregate and optimise

LODGEA allows you to connect as many channel managers as you wish. The standardised APIs, compatible with many channel managers, allow you to connect all your member hotels. If they do not have any technical infrastructure, you are able to manage these members manually within LODGEA. Any hotel managed in LODGEA, be it automatically or manually, can be used with marketing automation as well as the fast and innovative Blockchain-based booking technology.

Autonomy for your marketing

Regardless of how your members push the content into your LODGEA site, you are always able to change and optimise it. The artificial intelligence will analyse all contents, provide recommendations and the ability to automatically translate into almost all the world's languages. With LODGEA you can work autonomously and independently of the property management systems or channel managers of your members.

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Boost your members' performance
LODGEA provides a single and autonomous platform for hotel chains and cooperatives to aggregate all their members in. All this aggregated data can be used to provide the members' services on the chain's website and integrate them with the marketing automation. LODGEA is the platform many hotel chains have waited for a long time.

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