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Leverage your audience

Marketeers, marketing companies, media companies and publishers that promote accommodations such as hotels or vacation rental on social media or other forms of media to a broader audience can use LODGEA to close the loop and provide an integrated conversion funnel. Furthermore the integrated marketing also allows to expand the existing reach and integrate with existing marketing campaigns or publishing activity.

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Advantages of media and publishing

Social media influencer or any other marketeers, media or publishing companies can significantly increase their revenue by providing accommodation services to their large audience directly. Accommodation providers love working with social media influencer, media and publishing companies as these draw a broader, trusted and more neutral image of the accommodation services and offerings. Media and publishing companies help accommodations establish trust with their guests, are perceived as credible and enjoy a high level of trust.

The challenge of influencer, media & publishing companies

Social media influencer, media and publishing companies have a broad audience that they promote or communicate individual accommodations to. However, they are often unable to provide the e-commerce and sales infrastructure for prospects to book these accommodations. This forces them to work through Email, phone offerings, travel agents or brokers. As their retail or fashion counterparts can rely on drop-shipping and commissions with manufacturers, influencer and media or publishing companies in the travel sector have no such systems or a very limited choice.

Integrates with what you do already

LODGEA provides marketing automation for all the channels you are already using. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Google or YouTube; LODGEA has an integration. This integration can work side-by-side with your existing campaigns and publishing activity. The flexible tag management support allows you to decide what analytics data and activities you would want to integrate in to your LODGEA site. The open architecture provides maximum flexibility so that you remain in control over your publishing and marketing activities.

No limits for branding and performance

A fully customisable frontend or website is included in all LODGEA subscriptions. Allowing you to change the user interface entirely without sacrificing the performance of your site. Search engine and social media optimisation are an essential part of every LODGEA site so that you can provide the highest standards in publishing and advertising. We work tirelessly to ensure LODGEA meets the highest standards in optimisation for advertising, media and publishing companies. This includes Open Graph tags as well as endless search engine optimisations like pagespeed optimisations, dedicated meta tags, canonical URLs and much more.

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LODGEA provides an easy to setup platform that can handle individually negotiated rates and connectivity to suppliers. It provides the much-needed infrastructure to connect the audience with the contracted accommodation providers. Influencer, media and publishing companies can finally do what their retail and fashion counterparts already do for years.

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