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Provide integrated financial services

Insurance and financial services often include offers for accommodation services. Many financial institutions already have special agreements with accommodation. These allow their customers to use them for leisure, in the event of damages or insurance claims. Financial services companies seek to integrate more and more services into their portfolio to provide streamlined financial services and insurances to their customers.

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Advantages of financial institutions

Insurances and financial institutions help and protect millions of travellers around the globe every day. They enable the business of accommodations and protect travellers against fraud and damages. Travellers trust their financial institutions and can rely on a strong partner during their trips. These institutions can provide preferential accommodation offers directly to their customers.

Challenges of insurances and financial institutions

Providing accommodation services to customers is anything but a profitable exersise for insurances and financial institutions. Yet, it is a vital competitive advantage and customers love special offers on hotels, vacation rentals and many other accommodations. Financial institutions need a standardised platform for accommodation services that reduces the work effort to the bare minimum and is highly flexible. It needs to provide integration into the core systems and digital services of their financial institution.

Highly flexible and extremely profitable

Customers love great deals and accommodations know that. LODGEA provides financial institutions the platform to market these great deals to their customers without significant investments. The commercial agreement between the financial institution and the accommodation remains in the hands of the institution. This means that the financial institution receives the maximum possible commission as no intermediaries are involved.

Seamless integration into your financial services

The open APIs, flexibility of the platform and freedom to operate the way you need it, provides maximum integration into your existing and future financial services. LODGEA never dictates or limits the way you want to do business or design your services. Whether you're an insurance providing ad-hoc accommodation in case of damages or a card issuing bank providing great travel deals. LODGEA has the flexibility to implement a wide variety of services.

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Integrated services

Expand your offerings
LODGEA provides a platform to allow everyone to profitably provide accommodation services. The platform is flexible, autonomous and independent of any suppliers or specific accommodations. It allows for maximum return at the lowest investment possible.

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