Medical facilities

Improve services and increase revenue

Medical facilities like hospitals, clinics and many other are at the backbone of our society. They help people when they need it the most. Medical facilities and their staff know that comfort and well-being play an important role in patient recovery. They have started to provide ever more comfort and services over the last few decades and ever more patients opt-in for a more comfortable stay.

Hospital bed room

Opportunities for medical facilities

Hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities have a strong trust relationship with their patients. Insurances seek to diversify and patients are looking for more comfort. Providing diversified accommodation offerings, tailored to the patient's recovery, can improve the recovery of the patient and the revenue per patient.

Challenges of hospitals, clinics and medical facilities

Medical facilities already seek to diversify their accommodation services by providing tailor-mode accommodations to patients and their relatives. With the rise of medical tourism, many facilities cater to a wide variety of patients. Especially for non-emergency treatments, offering ancillary services to potential patients has become a welcomed opportunity. Competition among medical service providers has become a massive challenge for all medical facilities. Medical facilities need a technology to communicate their accommodation services without undermining their professional ethics.

A flexible platform without commercial pressure

LODGEA provides the platform to offer a variety of accommodation services to your patients and their relatives. It is highly customisable and allows you to diversify your accommodation offerings. LODGEA provides the freedom to chose any operational model you want without pressuring you to increase revenues year on year. The flexible pricing plans provide you with the maximum freedom and LODGEA will never interfere in the relationship between you and your patients. The relationship between medical facilities and their patients is subject to the highest ethical standards. LODGEA allows you to offer a wide range of accommodation options without compromising these standards.

Extreme privacy standards with HIPAA and GDPR compliance

Medical facilities are not just subject to high ethic standards, but also have to conform with extreme privacy and security standards. LODGEA is fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant as it encrypts any potential medical data with the latest cryptographic methods including elliptic curve cryptography. Furthermore any access to that data is stored in an audit trail. The Blockchain storage technology inside LODGEA ensures that this data is not tampered with.

Medical staff

For a brighter future

Better health for all of us
The health of health care businesses improves the health of all of us. Diversifying accommodation offerings in health care relieves the medical institutions from the dependence on having to generate income exclusively from medical treatments. It thus offers better health care for all patients.

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