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Vacation rentals have always been a relatively small part of the accommodation industry. The diverse system landscape and the semi-professional ownership have made selling and marketing vacation rentals fairly complicated. A lack of standardisation has made it extremely complicated to integrate vacation rentals with marketing channels, let alone automating them.

Vacation home in the snow

Advantages of vacation rentals

Vacation rentals have the advantage of providing a private space, almost a remote part-time home for guests. The exclusive nature of the accommodation combined with complete freedom during the stay makes it a popular accommodation option among leisure travellers. Business travellers like travelling craftsmen also prefer vacation rentals during long-running projects.

Challenges of vacation rentals

Managing a large collection of vacation rentals or holiday homes can be a cumbersome excersise due to the immature nature of many many management systems. Global standards in the accommodation industry are often not adhered to by vacation rental owners, operators or their management system. Marketing vacation rentals requires a single standardised platform to aggregate all the different systems and their vacation rentals.

Vacation rentals in all shapes and sizes

LODGEA follows international standards of the hospitality industry and provides a standardised way of managing the data for vacational rentals of all shapes and sizes. It also allows the connectivity of various property management systems to aggregate and market the inventory. You can connect as many channel managers or property management systems as you wish. Vacation rentals can then be used in unified marketing campaigns as well as the Blockchain-based booking on your LODGEA site.

Mix your accommodations together

The wide variety of different accommodation types supported by LODGEA allows you to mix vacation rentals with any other type of accommodation such as hotels or resorts. Many hotels and resorts have also started to introduce various innovative forms of short-term rentals. All these can be easily mixed together in LODGEA and you are not bound to any specific type of accommodation.

Light house at the shore

There are hardly any limits

Market any type of accommodation
Be it an apartment, a lighthouse, a cottage or just a tent. LODGEA supports numerous types of accommodations. Even a small meadow would do. And all these are standardised, aggregated and integrated into the marketing automation. Leave the headaches aside, our technology has got you covered.

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