Welfare & Social Services

A better world for everyone.

We all have our challenges in life, but for some people life is more of a challenge than for others. Welfare and social services organisations help people demand their place in society. They often have to operate on extremely limited budgets or no budgets at all. Heavy reliance on volunteers and the challenge that they often can't afford even the most basic technology puts them under constant pressure.

Elderly care

Opportunities for social services

While social services are advancing in closing the inequality gap for many, digital accommodation services are often still limited to those who can afford them. By adopting technology that takes budget constraints into account, social services and welfare organisations can also close the digital inequality gap.

Challenges of welfare and social services

Summer camps for underprivileged children, women's shelters and nursing homes are just a few examples of social accommodation services. Providing digital services for these service is most often unaffordable for non-profit organisations. This has led to a digital inequality gap. It also has become a challenge for social organisations to communicate their offerings to those people who need them the most. Welfare and social service organisations need technology that hey can afford and that is easy to set up and maintain.

Leading technology with respectful pricing

Our mission was and will always be to make the world's best technology like Blockchain, artificial intelligence and automation available to all the people. That's why even our lowest priced subscriptions contain the same technology as our enterprise solutions. The scalability of our technology and our subscriptions ensures that our services are in line with your budget constraints. We want our solutions to be available to everyone and to allow everyone to make our world a better place.

Preferential pricing for NPOs and NGOs

You may qualify for preferential pricing, if you are a non-profit organisation under EU-law within an EU or EEA member state. You may also qualify if you are tax exempt as a charity or non-profit organisation by the IRS in the United States or the CRA in Canada. This requires that you provide social services that include accommodation services to underprivileged members of our society in the EU, EEA, United States of America or Canada. Kindly use our request form to contact the Enterprise-Team for preferential subscription offers to non-profit organisations.

Children and a tour guide

Closing the gap

For a stronger society
We're committed to closing the inequality gap and we want our services to make the world a better place for all members of society. Enjoying digital technology and discovering the wonders of our world should not be exclusive to the privileged.

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