Bookings and payments: easier than ever

The processing of bookings and payments means an enormous logistical effort. LODGEA has fully automated these processes for the first time and reduced the effort to a minimum.

  • Payment processing Activate all common payment methods with a click
  • Blockchain Bookings are stored in an audit-proof manner
  • Automated process Payment and synchronization fully automated
  • Bookings are stored in your own blockchain
  • Simple search of all bookings
  • Complete overview of all booking details
  • Seamlessly integrated and automated payment processing
  • Integrated management of your payment account
  • Simple and automatic payment to your bank account
  • All payment transactions at a glance
  • Automatic payout to your bank account with payment receipts

Online booking and payment made easy

When configuring and setting up booking websites, the logistics involved in processing bookings and payments usually take weeks or months. Complicated processes and procedures must be implemented smoothly. After all, it's often about a lot of money. At LODGEA we have fully automated these processes for you, so you can focus on your business and your customers and don't have to do weeks of paperwork.

All payment transactions at a glance

Payment processing, but fully automated

What normally takes weeks can be done in a few minutes with LODGEA. All you have to do to set up and activate payment processing is upload your documents, enter your bank account and select which payment methods you would like to offer. Apple Pay and Google Pay are then activated fully automatically without any configuration.

How does the payment processing work?
Bookings are stored in your own blockchain

Manage audit-proof bookings with the blockchain

Bookings and payments must be stored securely and transactions must be traceable at all times. This requires very expensive technology and a great deal of effort for audit-proof storage. Double bookings, unallocated payments and incorrectly processed cancellations are just a part of the many online booking challenges. At LODGEA, these challenges were meticulously tested and safely prevented by the automated processing of bookings. You can therefore take care of your business in a relaxed manner, we have already solved the challenges for you.

What do I have to consider when people book?
A cancelled booking with automated refund

Cancellation and refund fully synchronized

The booking process is complicated even under normal circumstances. It gets really complicated when bookings have to be canceled and payments have to be refunded in accordance with the cancellation policy. Cancellation periods must be observed and refunds calculated, of course taking into account regulatory requirements such as the Money Laundering Act. LODGEA is one of the few systems worldwide that implements these processes fully automatically and in accordance with the rules. Regardless of whether the cancellation was carried out by the customer or a connected system. LODGEA calculates reimbursements automatically and carries them out independently.

How does payment processing work?

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