Integrated Marketing

The integrated marketing automatically connects your accommodations and websites to search engines and social networks. This way you reach new users, generate more bookings and higher sales.

  • Instagram Ads automatically set up Instagram and Facebook Ads
  • Google Analytics enable campaign & revenue tracking without code
  • Search engine optimized Fully search engine optimized by experts
  • Marketing automation with LODGEA
  • Highest possible PageSpeed with LODGEA
  • Automated Meta Commerce Manager integration
  • Out-of-the-box Google Analytics integration with full E-commerce tracking including revenue and product tracking
  • Automated Search Console integration with product pages in the Sitemap

Grows your revenue: Marketing integrated and automated

What good is the best booking system if nobody can find and use it? LODGEA has extensive integrated marketing automation. All content from the website builder is search engine optimized by default and the software prevents common SEO errors when editing the website. In addition, the system automatically generates so-called landing pages for search engines, social media and advertising campaigns for all accommodations and regions. Instagram, Facebook, Google and many more can automatically sync accommodations as product data. E-commerce tracking can be activated with just one click for Google Analytics, the Tag Manager as well as for Facebook and Instagram. All with integrated cookie consent management, of course. These systems, which normally cost several thousand euros, are included in every version of LODGEA.

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Automated Meta Commerce Manager integration

Instagram and Facebook Ads

People used to spend hours just torturing themselves through search engines. Today, Instagram and Facebook feeds often recommend great places to stay to people. With the data feeds and tracking for the Meta Commerce Manager, you record your sales with the Meta tracking pixel. You can automatically synchronize all your accommodations as a product catalog with the Meta Commerce Manager and thus automatically display hundreds of dynamic advertisements on Instagram and Facebook. Reach millions of new users with Instagram and significantly increase your bookings.

How do I do that with Instagram Ads?
Out-of-the-box Google Analytics integration with full E-commerce tracking including revenue and product tracking

E-commerce and campaign analytics

If you invest your budget in campaigns and advertising measures, you need to know whether they are efficient and whether you really generate bookings. Tracking and analytics integrations are usually very time-consuming, because all accommodations (products), bookings (orders), cancellations and hits on the accommodation pages (product views) have to be meticulously integrated into Google Analytics and the Google Tag Manager. All you have to do at LODGEA is enter your Google Analytics Measurement ID and the system will transmit all data completely automatically.

How do I set up analytics and tracking?
Automated Search Console integration with product pages in the Sitemap

Search engine optimization verified by experts

In order for search engines, social media and messenger services to be able to lead users to your website in a meaningful way, it must meet a whole range of technical requirements. LODGEA works continuously with experts in the field of search engine optimization and social media optimization, so that all these requirements are fully met today and in the future. We are proud that we can offer you marketing technology that is otherwise only reserved for very large companies. You can configure all of this yourself with just a few clicks. We have already prepared everything for you in the LODGEA Management Console.

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Highest possible PageSpeed with LODGEA

Lightning fast all across the globe

We know, just like search engines and social networks, that the world is not perfect. Slow WLAN, poor network coverage and interrupted connections annoy users. Search engines and social networks therefore expect extremely fast websites that work well even in difficult situations and networks. With LODGEA you get a website that always meets these requirements. As a partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), we use the most modern and fastest serverless infrastructure so that your website is at the top of Google, Instagram, Facebook & Co.

Our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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