LODGEA product innovation: From booking engine to website builder for travel websites

The Munich software provider LODGEA is launching the next major product release. The "Software-as-a-Service" solution to easily market and sell all types of accommodation takes the next step to become a travel website builder for everyone.

Munich, July 21st, 2022. As a technology company in the B2B sector, LODGEA GmbH, Munich, has been offering the first commercial standard shop software solution to market and sell all types of accommodation online for around 1.5 years. The "Software-as-a-Service" ("SaaS") solution enables the customer to set up their own eCommerce platform on a subscription based model without installation effort and without usage-based fees. The included booking engine can be integrated into the respective customer website in just a few minutes.In addition, the software can also be used as a website builder to set up the entire search engine optimized travel website. Users include destination management organisations (“DMOs”), short term rental property managers, hotel cooperations, publishers and many more.

From July 21, 2022, the next comprehensive product innovation will be available for existing and new customers. With the launch of this release, the software takes the next logical step towards becoming a website builder for accommodation brokers. Simple, uncomplicated and feasible for everyone. On the basis of permanent analyzes of the software, the use by the customer and customer feedback, a significantly simplified and more intuitive user interface was implemented. In addition, the customer experiences significantly greater flexibility in the design of the website (“storefront”) with simultaneous provision of the software and commissioning of the platform in just a few guided steps.

A large variety of design templates (“themes”) is now available to LODGEA users. Homepage, campaign landing pages, offer teasers, search engine result pages - there are many possibilities to attract to the booker best. The modern and simple navigation of the website and in the customer's administration area (“LODGEA Management Console”), supporting help sections and user-friendly tools, e.g. for the error-free image and logo upload, support a shop configuration without hurdles even for those who are not familiar with the industry.

When the search engine-optimized travel website or booking engine is ready for use, fully integrated marketing automation comes into play. In addition to the included web analysis components (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager), accommodation data is optimized and made available fully automatically as product data feeds for all relevant online marketing channels (including Facebook, Instagram, Google). Generating reach and converting it into direct bookings via your own portals is the purpose and benefit of the LODGEA software.

Thanks to the up-to-date technology that can be used in just a few steps, every accommodation broker can compete in direct marketing, even alongside large, international market participants.

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