LODGEA Product Innovation: LODGEA announces Marketplace

With the LODGEA Marketplace, small and medium-sized companies can get started with offering holiday homes, holiday apartments and hotel rooms online

Munich, June 29th, 2023. LODGEA, one of the leading technology providers for the short term rental and hospitality industry, is revolutionizing eCommerce for short term rentals and hotels with the LODGEA Marketplace. From now on, companies of all sizes will be able to access around 700,000 holiday accommodations via an integrated interface and generate revenue by offering them online. This novel eCommerce opportunity in travel business for service providers and SMEs is based on an exclusive partnership between LODGEA and Expedia Group, one of the world's leading OTAs (online travel agents).

"So far, only platform providers (affiliates) with a transaction volume of at least one million dollars per year had the chance to access Expedia´s accommodation content and become an affiliate” says Ricarda Kies, Founder and CEO of LODGEA . “With LODGEA Marketplace we are closing this gap by opening up SMEs the chance to sell vacation rentals and create an additional source of revenue for themselves. Our intended target group ranges from influencers with a wide-reaching blog to platforms for special target groups to DMOs (Destination Management Organizations) that want to offer a wide variety of accommodation online.” Whether on the websites of trade fair organizers, restaurant owners or ski lift operators - the Marketplace can be used wherever it makes sense to integrate holiday apartments, hotels and guesthouses as a supplementary offer.

Companies have maximum flexibility in building their own booking platform
LODGEA contractual partners can put together their desired range of properties on the marketplace depending on the target group and thus offer their users the most suitable offers. Anyone who runs a successful family or dog blog, for example, can filter out suitable, target group-specific holiday accommodation from the overall offer, select it, integrate it on their own website and monetize it accordingly. Property Management Agencies are able to increase their own inventory via the interface and in this way serve the increasing customer demand. “As a Software-as-a-Service provider, we have so far specialized in software offerings. We are breaking new ground with the LODGEA Marketplace,” adds Kies, also member of the board of the German Holiday Home Association. “Short term rentals and hotels for leisure travellers is an absolute growth market. The forecasts for demand growth are encouraging. In order to provide our customers easy and uncomplicated access to this potential, we slip into the role of travel agent in this case.”

LODGEA has established itself as a software-as-a-service provider in the accommodation industry over the past two years. Hosts and Property Management Agencies can use the cloud-based software solution to set up the entire website via LODGEA with just a few clicks, only integrate the booking engine or set up an individual solution via the API offered. Integrated marketing automatically connects the websites and accommodations to Google and social media channels. In this way, LODGEA customers are able to push direct bookings quickly and efficiently, even without prior knowledge of sales and online marketing. The Marketplace can be used as an integrated part of the existing LODGEA software solution. In addition the LODGEA API provides access to the wide range of Expedia content for those who would like to set up their own website and booking engine design. The complex part of payment processing and commissions is fully automated by LODGEA.

LODGEA CEO Kies about the next steps: “After completing the previous test phase, we are now beginning the international rollout. This means that all self-employed people, entrepreneurs and organizations now have the opportunity to supplement their online offer with target group-specific holiday accommodation and to generate last-minute bookings for the summer as well as bookings for the coming booking seasons.”

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