Everything you need for your online shop for accommodations

Sell online - easily, quickly and profitably

Whether social media influencer, operator of exhibitions, transportation industry company or hotel cooperatives - if you want to market and sell accommodation easily, successfully and profitably, LODGEA offers the right solution. Generate direct bookings now without loss of margins by third parties!

How you can use LODGEA

Set up your online shop for accommodations completely with LODGEA or integrate the shop into your existing website. Choose from free design templates. The LODGEA themes are completely responsive and the software is cloud-based, i.e. your customer always has the optimal experience when searching and booking - fast and appealing.

How to get started
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Why you should use LODGEA

Decide for yourself about your income. Whether you want to market your accommodations through registration fees or transaction-related commissions - with LODGEA you decide for yourself about your earnings. Generate direct bookings by simply displaying your offer and your ads via channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Earn now - independently and with a wide reach!

Marketing integrated and automated
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